Hi everyone! I'd like to thank Gloria for sending me this wonderful picture of Randy

It's from "The Sungatherers" a reading of the new musical by Tim Acito. It was taken on August 21st at the Unicorn theatre.

The big version is HERE

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Good morning! Thanks to Chicca for sending me the link of the video you can watch below! It's Randy from Ghosts!

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I added the second interview by Larry Murray in the "interviews section". If you want to read it, go HERE!

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Good morning everyone! More pictures of Randy and more reviews! So.. thank you to Louise for sending me the first review that you can read HERE!

Thanks to Alessandra for the link to boston.com and to BerkshireFineArts. The last review is written by the great Charles Giuliano, you can read it HERE.

And there are also some pictures taken by Giuliano on the opening night last August 15th. Randy has been crowded by the fans, a very absurd behaviour in my personal opinion. But I don’t want to be polemic.

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I added Randy's latest interview in the "interviews section".. if you want to read it again, go HERE!

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Good morning everyone and have a nice week! I’d like to thank sweet Paddles2 for her wonderful pictures of Randy! They are from Ghosts opening night on august 15th .
You can see them clicking on the picture below!

We’ll post her report very soon!

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Hi everyone! Another update about our Randy! You can now read a new interview completed with new pictures…Taken at yesterday’s opening night after party for Ghosts! The link is HERE! Click on the picture to go to the gallery!

And I added a new picture of the photoshoot posted with Larry Murray’s interview on august 5th You can see all pictures clicking HERE

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Good afternoon everyone and Happy Sunday! I added a new picture of Randy at the Ghosts gallery I made yesterday. You can see it HERE! It's just a bigger version of the one I already had.

As I think you noticed, I changed the home! I'd have liked to use a picture from Ghosts but... the quality of those pictures is not the best there is. Anyway this one is not too bad, is it?

I also created a gallery for the opening of "The Singing Forest" from April 28th, and I added three pictures! Find them all HERE!

Finally, I updated this PAGE creating two new sections: "Interviews" and "Photoshoots". Nothing much, just a bit of housekeeping tongue

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Hello everyone! Thanks to google alert now have new spills of Randy in Ghosts! Enjoy!
Click on the picture to go to the new gallery!

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Hello everyone! Finally the new pictures of Randy playing Osvald in "Ghosts" are available. His new adventure at Berkshire Theatre started on August 11th! This from the Berkshire's newsletter:

And here you can see the pictures. Click on the pic to see the whole gallery...

Click HERE! for HQ pictures!

Source: Berkshiretheatre.org

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