Randy Harrison’s carreer started when the actor was only 7 years old. Aside from his role in “Queer as Folk” and a role in a movie, Randy’s filmography doesn’t count much else. And all this because of the actor’s love for theatre. Every single event it’s here listed in chronological order and everything will be kept up to date.You will find here, in order: theatricals, shorts, tv featurings, movies... Some of these are from IMDB website.

Theater - Theatre
"Tommy" ... Tommy (Click)
"Endgame" ... Nagg (Click)
"Caligula" ... Reading (Click)
"Pop!" (2009) ... Andy Warhol
"Ghosts " (2009) ... Oswald Alving (Click)
"The singing forest"(2009) ... Laszlo/Zeitzler (Click)
"The Malcontent" (2008) ... (Click)
"Waiting for Godot" (2008) ... Lucky (Click)
"Antony and Cleopatra" (2008) ... Eros (Click)
"Edward the second" (2007/2008)...Spencer (Click)
"Mrs Warren's profession" (2007) ...Frank Gardner (Click)
"One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" (2007) ...Billy Bibbit (Click)
"The glass menagerie" (2007) ...Tom Wingfield (Click)
"An oak tree" (2006/2007) ...The Father (Click)
"Amadeus" (2006) ...Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Click)
"Equus" (2005) ...Alan Strang
"Wicked" (2004) ....Boq (Click)
"Deviant" (2002) ....Marshall
"A Letter from Ethel Kennedy" ...Casey (Click)

Forestburg Playhouse

"West Side Story" .... Action
“Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” .... Benjamin
"Babes in Arms" .... Lee Calhoun

University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (CCM)
"Hello Again" .... Young Thing
"Shopping and Fucking" .... Robbie
"Children of Eden" .... Abel
"The Hot Mikado" .... Gentleman from Japan
"Babes in Arms"

St. Louis Municiple Theater
"1776" (1999) .... The Courier
"Anything Goes"

Ensemble Theater of Cincinnati
"Violet" (1999) .... Billy Dean

"A Midsummer Night's Dream"
"The Real Inspector Hound"
"A Cheever Evening"
"The Music Man" (1987) .... Winthrop
"Oliver" (1985) .... Child Chorus

"Julius Ceasar" ... Brutus (2010)
"Thinking" (year 2007/2008)

TV Featurings
"Return shift escape" (summer 2008)

The Arts Bureau (tAB)
"A heartwarming story, ultimately" ... by Anton Chekhov (with Marci Adilman)

"Bang Bang, You're Dead" (2000) ( TV) .... Sean

TV series
"Queer As Folk" (2000) .... Justin Taylor

Showtime: A spot against violence in school

TV appareance
"Larry King Live" (April, 24 2002)