1) On this site we’ll NOT talk about Randy ’s SEXUALITY or about his RELATIONSHIPS because we respect him, and because we know how he cares for his own privacy.

2) On tag you have to respect the rules above. Besides, here is not allowed spam, and please don’t ask on this site questions about dvd and similar stuff, for all this, please, e-mail me.

3) The forum is locked. The people who’d like to enjoy it, please send to me an e-mail with the motivation.

4) Everyone who will not respect the forum’s rules, will be banned.

5) No defamatory or vulgar language in the forum, the people who will not respect this rule, will be banned, even his/her ip address, and his/her messages on site’s tag will be erased.

6) It’s forbidden to take stuff from this site, without have asked for permission before.

7) It’s kind and necessary give credits for stuff like wallpapers, icons, pictures, articles and so on.

8)Don’t touch the biography. My friend Claudia written it and I redacted it, no other utilization is allowed.

9) For every kind of complain, please use the e-mail, and NOT the site’s tag.

10) On our forum there is stuff that will NOT get out for any reason. The violators will be banned.

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