The Skivvies Holiday Show

Friday, December 9, 2016

By: Trish
Edited by: Marcy


Randy returned to Joe's Pub last night to perform in “The Skivvies Holiday Show” once again. He looked and sounded great!
He did a slightly altered version of last year's "Jesus Birthday" skit. I spoke to him briefly after the show... he said he was very much enjoying his vacation from touring and being home in the city, but was looking forward to continuing his role in Cabaret in the new year. I told him I was looking forward to seeing it once more in Boston before he finished. He was happy and seemed to be in very good spirits and we parted with good wishes for a happy holiday.

OH! I forgot to mention that there were several Cabaret cast members at the show! We spotted Joey Khoury and Ben Eakeley in the audience and Dani Spieler also performed in the show. I'll upload her skit below the cut if you're interested. She plays a mean sax!