Shakespeare and the Sonnets

Monday, March 25th 2013

by: Trish
Edited by: Marcy

Randy appeared tonight in Red Bull's presentation of Shakespeare's Sonnets. It had the same format as the Travesties reading he did about a year or so ago. World renowned Shakespeare Expert John Wolfson once again lectured on the finer points of the famous sonnets, including a history of the sonnet and the development of the sonnet cycle. He started the presentation with a description of the circumstances of the development of the sonnets - in 1594 the plague in England had closed the theaters, so Shakespeare, a commoner, wrote the first sonnet and declared his love for a young man, and a young lady. But his young man also declared love for the same mistress, and then the young man was courted by another poet during which time Shakespeare then wrote sonnets of depair.

Now Randy and Byron Jennings basically commented on the lecture adding snide remarks and observations, as well as reading some of the sonnets. Their response to the above mentioned love triangle (rectangle) was, "Yeah? So?" Randy also at one point decalred that it was a sonnet on Viagra, or something of that nature. At one point in the lecture, during whcih Wolfsen was explaing a particularly convoluted Victorian book written about the sonnets... Randy began to page back and forth in his script, at first looking like he had lost his place. He then turned to Byrin and asked, "Do you have any idea what he just said?" He often smirked and grinned when some of the more ridiculous interpretations were being read and how some later authros changed any mention of the fatc that Shaekespeare was writing to a man.

Two favorite parts were Randy reading a physical description of the Earl many scholars believe was the man the sonnet were written to. It went something like, "He was fair of face, and blue of eye, with almost feminine features. He was short of stature and wore close fitting white lace shirts w/ purple stockings with long auburn hair with one lock falling over his head." He could barely keep the smirk off his face!

The second favorite part was when Wolfson bagan speaking of Textus recpetus, Latin for "recieved text." Randy looked at him when he said it and asked, "What did you just say?" He repeated the phrase and Randy giggled, until Wolsen explained its meaning. Then Randy said something like, "Oh, because I thought you said.... " and giggled again.

It was a fun evening. although quite short, lasting just ver 35 minutes or so. Randy did not stay for the VIP dinner after the presentation, but we did speak to him briefly in the lobby afterwards. He asked if we were coming to the QWAN thing next week, and said they were all excited about it. I said that yes, I would be there and he said. "OK, see you next week."

He did look great, nice grey slacks, light blue button down shirt - ironed - and black lace up boots w/ interesting blue stitching. Hair is still short, but I think it suits him. It seems like it's been so long since I have had to wrtie a Randy report I almost forgot how! LOL!