Randy's Last Silence!

Sunday, September 9th

By: Trish
Edited by: Marcy

Having Randy join Silence! The Musical - a show that I already loved - this summer was beyond great! But sadly, all good things must come to an end. Tonight was Randy’s last performance, and it was a wild one! The audience was phenomenal! They were into the show from the get-go and gave the cast a standing ovation at the end! The cast was also flying tonight… they always try and crack each other up, but for the first time ever I saw Jenn lose it so bad, she just had to stop and back away to try and compose herself! Just when I think this show can’t get any better, it surprises me… What a fun night!

There’s the point in the show where Agent Crawford comes to tell Clarice that, “Miggs is dead.” But having been at the firing range she still has her earphones on. She’s supposed to say, “WHAT?” But something was cracking her up and she just couldn’t get it out. Every time she tried, both she and Crawford, dissolved into laughter! When they finally sober up enough to continue she doesn’t remember Miggs… Crawford points to the silly string in her hair, and says, “Miggs, the guy who came in your face.” She cries, “Oh, yeah!” and starts to pick the silly string from her hair… flicking a few pieces into the audience where Jonathan Lisecki, producer of Gayby, was sitting.

As for Randy… he and Jenn were playing a bit too. At the end of the Bob Fosse dance sequence the lambs are quietly walking off stage when Jenn says to Randy, “You were good tonight.” He responds with, “I hurt my back.” And he proceeds to limp off stage as she calls out, “Better put some ice on that.”

Randy was also fooling with Topher Nuccio who plays Miggs and Officer Pembry. They were making eyes at each other during one scene between Dr. Chilton and Pembry with Topher just absolutely ogling Randy. Topher also said something to Randy as he was starting the scene as the news anchor, but I was distracted by some of the new visuals they had added, (They were projecting flying moths during the opening, and a News Channel on the desk during the anchor scene, and even some baby pictures during the “Catherine” song.) so I only heard the last part of Randy’s reply which sounded like, “Suck my cock.” But whatever it was, it took Topher a while to compose himself and complete the scene!

In the scene where Randy and Topher play cops who are attacked by Hannibal as he escapes, which takes place behind the moving screens… Hannibal strikes Randy repeatedly and you can hear Randy say, “Pembry.” Slap. “Pembry.” Slap. “I love you.”

Randy was also into the dancing tonight… adding a few leaps and twirls and kicks to the FBI SWAT/ June Taylor Dancers dance. He was also smiling, grinning, winking and smirking at Topher, and the audience too. During the “Quid Pro Quo” song… in which the lambs are just kind of dancing in place Randy grabbed his ankle with his knee bent and did a funky sort of spin.

And even though Michelle had said yesterday that Randy was going to the opening night party for her show, he did stick around for a while… chatting not only with Jonathan Lisecki, but also Phillip Taratula of QWAN fame. There weren’t a lot of fans there, but he did stop for pictures and signed some autographs for anyone who asked.

He and Jenn had posed for a picture at the request of another fan, so I had to get in on that opportunity. The beautiful picture I posted at the top is the result! I said to Randy, “I see you added a few dance steps tonight.” He said, “I did?” So Jenn pipes up with, “Yeah, you did.” He just kind of smiled, waved his hand and said, “Oh. Well, it’s always a little different, I guess.”


Yeah, Randy… it’s always a little different, but it’s always fun!