May 2009

May, 30th 2009 8,49 a.m.

Hello everyone and happy weekend! I would like to remind you that on monday June 1st, 2009, Randy will attend a benefit at the Red Bull Theatre. The benefit is to honor Heather Randall, Lynn Redgrave, Michael Urie and George Mayer JR. with the first annual Matador Award for Classical Theater. To learn about the ticket's price visit HERE.

Thank you with all my heart to inner_justin, our dear Karyn, for the pictures you're about to see. She took the first ones during one of her meetngs with Randy after she attended "The Singing Forest", the other ones are from the night at the Joe's Pub (March 20th). Thank you so much, Karyn, for everything. Click on it to get the bigger version!

Here the others [1] [2] on the picture..and you'll see the gallery..

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May, 24th 2009 3,12 p.m.

Hello Everyone and happy sunday! First of all, here's an article about our Randy written by the amazing Charles Giuliano: read it HERE.

The Singing Forest had controversial reviews so we only took the bits that actually mentioned Randy: read them all HERE.

Also there's a video. It's from last Randy's performance at the "Joe's pub in march. Enjoy!

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May, 20th 2009 1,57 p.m.

Goodmorning to all of you! I'd like to thank toto_too514 for the great photos she took of Randy at "The singing forest"'s last show. Randy talked to actor Jack Wetherall (Vic Grassi in Queer as folk) who had gone there to watch Randy's performance!!! Thank you so much Trish! I'll add her report as soon as possible! Here are the photos:

Here the others [1] [2] [3] [4]

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May, 17th 2009 3,45 p.m.

Hello everyone and Happy Sunday! I apologize for the lack of updates, but unfortunately lately we don't have many news...sigh! Today ends the showing of the play "The Singing Forest" featuring Randy, and his next play, unless something else comes up in the meantime, will be next August: "Ghost" directed by Anders Cato. I added, as an archive, April's (tAB) newsletter. You can now read it by clicking HERE. Finally, here's an old picture of Randy from the Queer as Folk convention that took place in Paris last October/November. Click on it to get the bigger version!

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May, 8th 2009 0,15 a.m.

I added the article I mentioned three days ago on the article's list. If you want to read it again, go HERE! It was written by Larry Murray. Thanks to Chicca for the link!

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May, 5th 2009 9,44 p.m.

Hello everyone! A very interesting little article about Randy, written by Brandon Curtrell who was his classmate at University, can be read HERE!

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May, 4th 2009 8,29 p.m.

It really looks like our Randy never stops! From the newsletter: The "Red Bull Theatre" organized a benefit for June 1st, 2009 at 6.30 p.m. and Randy will attend along with other guest stars like Marisa Tomei (who I personally love), F Murray Abraham, René Auberjonois, Daniel Breaker, Kate Burton, Michael Cerveris, Robert Cuccioli, Michael Emerson, Amy Irving, Dana Ivey, Roberta Maxwell, Brian Murray, Laila Robins and Michael Stuhlbarg.

Ticket's price goes from $500 up. For info just visit the Red Bull Theatre's website, click HERE. Thanks to Gloria for the link!

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May, 3rd 2009 9,40 p.m.

Here I am with a little update! I've archived April's news so you may now see them all clicking HERE. Also, there's a new picture of Randy on the stage for "The Singing Forest".

The review is HERE.

I've added Stacey's reports... read them HERE and HERE. The following picture was taken by Stacey when she met Randy.

Plus, I've added the pictures of the opening without watermarks. Thank you so much inner_justin and kinwad!

[1] [2] [3] [4]

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