In this section I grouped the interviews, carefully sorted by the year. I tried to be as precise as possible, but it wasn’t an easy task. You’ll find the “anonymous” interviews (missing the date or the source) in a separate section called MISC.

Interviews to Randy
- Cabaret’s Emcee, Randy Harrison, Discusses ...
(January 15, 2017) (Click)

- Queer Cabaret Folk
(August 10, 2016) (Click)

- Randy Harrison’s the new Emcee in “Cabaret”
(July 1 2016) (Click)

- Randy Harrison talks about his new film “Such Good People,” but misses the Berkshires
(April 15th 2015) (Click)

- Michael Urie and Randy Harrison Play Such Good House in New Film
(April 15th 2015) (Click)

- Randy Harrison Talks “Such Good People”
(April 14th 2015) (Click)

- Randy Harrison Finds a Safe ’Harbor’ on Stage
(August 27th 2013) (Click)

- Randy and Renee
(July 26th 2013) (Click)

- Randy on Radio Rainbow
(August 26th 2012) (Click)

- From Queer As Folk’s Justin Taylor to Silence! The Musical’s Dr. Chilton, Randy Harrison is movin’ on up
(August 10th 2012) (Click)

- DLNQNT Vapid Fire: Randy Harrison
(August 7th 2012) (Click)

- Spotlight On...Randy Harrison
(July 27th 2012) (Click)

- Queer as folk is back!
(May 30th 2012) (Click)

- Randy Harrison's experience playing visual artists should help him in 'Red'
(February 3rd 2012) (Click)

- Randy Harrison talks about "Tommy"
(July 14th 2011) (Click)

- Life after folk
(July 10th 2010) (Click)

- Now, in one more victim role
(July 9th 2010) (Click)

- Randy Harrison on Samuel Beckett and Endgame at BTF
(June, 27th 2010) (Click)

- Randy does Andy
(December, 4th 2009) (Click)

- Randy Harrison in Ghosts at Berkshire Theatre Festival
(August, 16th 2009) (Click)

- Randy Harrison Interview: Ibsen's Ghosts at Berkshire Theatre Festival
(August, 5th 2009) (Click)

- Randy Harrison talks about Waiting for Godot
(July, 21 2008) (Click)

- Splendor in the glass - Lavender Magazine
(January 2007) (Click)

- The Advocate
(September, 17 2002) (Click)

- The post Gay gay icon - New York Magazine
(April, 29 2002) (Click)

- Joey magazine
(February 2000) (Click)

Transcript (from audio/video interviews)
- Larry King Live -CNN
(April, 24 2002) (Click)

- Randy's chat on Showtime's Talk city
(February, 4 2001) (Click)