"What an amazing night. Cabaret was great and Randy Harrison as the Emcee was truly phenomenal. He inhabited this role with such humor, impishness, and complete lack of self consciousness. He is alternately playful then foreboding, sexy then violent. He stands above the action sometimes and merely watches, but his presence is always felt.
I enjoyed his more playful number in Act 1 called ""Two Ladies," extolling the virtues of sharing his bed with the titular twosome. "I sleep in the middle. I'm left. I'm right." I may have guffawed a bit too loud at the line at the end when he raises his legs up, showing off his boxers, and sings, "But there's room at the bottom if you drop in some night." I'm not entirely sure anybody else in my section got it.
But to me, Randy's amazing "I don't care much" in Act 2 was my favorite. He went from beautiful torch song melody, just lilting and fragile, slowly transforming to a gutteral growl, biting off the words in a staccato serenade. It was amazing. He was in perfect voice throughout; I have never heard him sound so good.
Other amazing high points were Andrea Goss as Sally Bowles singing Cabaret in Act 2, and Fraulein Schneider's "What Would You Do?" I can't recommend this show enough.
And that was from row Z! Tomorrow I'm on Row 2, so I get to appreciate, as the Emcee calls them, all the "dangly bits."
The final thrill was getting to meet Randy himself. He was incredibly kind and gracious. We spoke a bit about HB2, and I thanked him for speaking out and told him it meant a lot. He seemed touched, and shared with me that he had been a bit apprehensive that first night, not knowing what the reaction would be to his ad lib. He said that even though you THINK most people feel embarrassed by it (HB2), still you never know what the reaction will be. In my audience he got overwhelming applause with a few people (like me ) standing and cheering. I told him that living in NC had gotten kind of shitty lately, and he told me he remembered living in Cob Co, GA and picketing for gay rights. He was just so lovely and encouraging. I can't wait for Round 2 tomorrow! Anne, best Christmas gift EVER!"

Posted by Felicity
by Agatha @ 13 May 2016 02:20 am

Hats off to whoeevr wrote this up and posted it.
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