"Opening night in Durham, NC. The #cabarettour is filled with so many smart, empathetic, politically engaged artists and technicians. I'm so honored to share the stage and road with these folks and doubly fortunate to bring such relevant material to the country. My mama was from Raleigh, my dad and bro went to State, so NC is in my blood. Tonight I improvised a line in the entreacte about being barred admission to the restroom and the show was stopped by a barrage of support from our audience. I was deeply heartened. I am filled with rage about HB2, and compassion for LGBTQ North Carolinians suffering under it, but tonight I was also flooded with hope. "If you’re not against all this, you’re for it. Or you might as well be.” #illgowithyou #hb2"

Mark Nelson (Herr Schultz) wrote on his Facebook: "Cabaret" opened tonight in Durham, North Carolina, where people seem as stunned by the rise of legalized bigotry in their state as do the Berliners of 1930 in the play. Our fearless leader Randolph Harrison as the Emcee brought down the house with an ad lib to the audience at the top of Act 2: "Did everyone have a tinkle at intermission? You're lucky. I tried to go to the men's room but they wouldn't let me in there!" Several hundred people stood up and cheered him.

Aisling Halpin (Frenchie - Kit Kat girl) wrote on her Instagram: "Last night, Randy did an amazing ad lib at the top of act 2. "I tried to go tinkle, but they wouldn't let me". The audience reaction was huge applause and some people even gave him a standing Ovation! The HB2 law saddens me so much! I am so happy we get to perform Cabaret here in North Carolina! My heart goes out to the LGBTQ community here in NC! "If you're not against it you're for it, or you might as well be!" #HB2 #illgowithyou"

Kevin McCoy (head audio) wrote on his Facebook: "We've come to play our show in North Carolina. Plenty of other shows have cancelled their stops here recently, (including Pearl Jam, which our local crew -- some of whom might have worked that show -- found out about during the load-in) and plenty of other shows haven't. Our producers have chosen not to cancel, and so we're here doing our jobs. There are very good arguments in favor of and against canceling. I get it. But any unease I had about working here was put to rest when our amazing lead, Randy Harrison, playing the Emcee, came out during the entr'acte for his usual audience interaction and ad lib dialog. He often asks the audience if they had a drink and a tinkle. Tonight, though, he followed that up with "I tried, but they wouldn't let me in." The house came down. People stood up and cheered. I'm surprised we didn't have to stop the show. It gave me much hope. I was proud to be at the sound board for it."

Posted by Felicity
by Keydrick @ 13 May 2016 02:35 am

If I cotamnicmued I could thank you enough for this, I'd be lying.
by Ethanael @ 13 May 2016 12:29 am

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