Cabaret: second evening. Live theatre allows each performance to be unique and, at times, astonishing. Hence, even though you think you are prepared and that there will be no more surprises, you get caught short and your heart almost stops with the intensity of a word or a nuance of expression that you haven't seen or noticed before.
Once again, Randy Harrison's performance as the Emcee was a revelation, at turns, charming, funny, sinister, cruel, manipulative, yet capable of pathos. Coupled with his amazing singing voice and his dancing, you have yourself a formidable talent!

Cabaret: third performance. It's now the intermission and I find myself with goosebumps. How could I have missed the sinister stirrings of impending doom that is now permeating the whole way of life for these characters?
I'm sitting in the front row, only feet away from the actors and feel drawn so strongly into the lives of the characters they are portraying.
All the cast are superb, without exception, but Randy Harrison totally dominates the stage. As the all-seeing, ever present Emcee, he is the evil puppet master, pulling the strings of the players. He is everywhere: observing, cajoling, manipulating, quietly watching from every vantage point of the stage and from above. The players are moved along like pieces on a chess set, on their way to the ultimate, horrific climax! I defy anyone to not break down once Randy starts singing 'If You Could See Her'. No, once, twice, three times is not enough. Tomorrow can't come fast enough for me, for the next performance.

Fourth performance. Cabaret: I almost can't write this! I feel so emotional after this matinee performance. The audience was very proactive, which always energises a performance but even without this stimulus, the actors were smokin'!
I have cried so many tears, today, even though I have now seen it four times! During one harrowing scene, Randy sings 'Don't Care Much'. His mellifluous, soulful rendition and his beautiful voice moved me deeply, like a punch in the gut!
Once again, he had a standing ovation. Ironic, really, as, before the show started, we heard the gentleman behind us complain that he preferred to see shows like this with well-known actors rather than the unknowns who were in this production.
I feel as if I've said 'goodbye' to a familiar, much loved family. But, there again, there is always tomorrow's last two performances before I leave New Orleans......

Posted by Felicity
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