October, 15 2008
By: inner_justin
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Tonight Stacey and I went to see TAB'S short film, "Thinking", at the short film festival in NYC. Randy was there and absolutely beautiful and amazing. "Thinking" itself was really good, and well done. Stacey and I waited around to talk to Randy cause we both had cards for him. And let me just say what a SWEATHEART he was. Totally different than how he was at Berkshire when he was all tired and stand offish. THIS TIME he was smiley and happy. I gave him my card and was all fan girly smiley about it and he was so nice!!!!

Then he agreed to take pics with us and asked me about my shirt :) It says "Amsterdam" and hes like: "Have you been to Amsterdam?" and I'm like "Uhh what? OH NO." Hahhaa. Then Stacey asked him about going to Paris and hes like "Yea not normally my thing BUT its a trip to Paris." Just so adorable. So we took pics and talked to him a little more and then went to the bar down the street with him.

So heres where I almost give him a heart attack.

So we ALL KNOW Randy is quiet and shy and a little weirded out around crowds. So hes at the bar ordering a beer and I go up and stand next to him and say, TRYING TO FUNNY AND WITTY, "So come here often?" and he JUMPS 4 FUCKING FEET IN THE AIR AND YELLS "OH MY GOD!".

I felt like such an ASSHOLE. I totally FREAKED him out. *faceplam* I totally suck. Like I am such a idiot. So after he calms down and I stop almost DYING from it, I apologize a MILLION times for doing that to him. He told me it was okay and I'm like "I am such an idiot." and he smiles and touched my arm and was like "No really, its okay. I'm an idiot. I just get startled easily."

He was sooooo nice and I am such an idiot for doing that to him.

So when we leave I stop and say goodbye to him again and offer to buy him another beer to make up for almost giving him heart failure and hes looks RIGHT IN MY EYES and says "No really. It's okay. Please dont worry about it. Dont feel bad." AND then as we are walking out the door, he says AGAIN "Please dont worry about startling me."

God could he BE any nicer!!!! So chalk one up for me for almost giving Randy heart failure on the SAME DAY Gale gets hurt right? I suck. I totally didnt mean to and I feel like total shit for doing it. I know he is jumpy and not good with shit like that, and ME all DUMB went and did that.

But...it was an AWESOME night and got to HANG out with Randy in way. *GUH* I can die happy. Seriously. *Fails, dies and squeeeees*

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I almost give him a heart attack!
Thinking New York October, 15 2008