May 17th 2009
By: Trish
Edited by: Marcy

I'am still coming down of yesterday's high! The whole day was  amazing! I am so glad I had a chance to spend the afternoon with Stacey, met another on-line friend completely by chance, and then to spend an amazing evening w/ Karyn. I often wonder if Randy realizes just how many friendships he is responsible for cultivating!

After meeting Stacey for breakfast we walked over to the Public to wait on the line for Rush tickets. It was not even 11:00, and the tickets weren't being released until 1:00! But it's a good thing we were there early as there were only 6 available for the matinee. While on line another girl overheard part of our conversation and realized we were talking about her! (We weren't saying anything bad... I was just telling Stacey that my friend almost came to the thinking... screening, but didn't have anyone to go with!) She introduced herself as my on-line friend - whom I had never had the chance to meet before! The good conversation made the time fly by. After both Stacey and my friend got their tickets, the three of us then went to McD's for some refreshment before heading back to the Public.

Once again an amazing show... it has to be the quickest 3 hours ever! We also had a great audience. It's amazing how different audiences react to things. R/L's "You are so too old for me line!" got loud guffaws, but the following, "Why don't you just admit you're having an affair!" fell flat... go figure!

We waited just a bit for Randy to appear... he had a great big, "I'm sorry!" hug for Stacey... for not coming back to sign some stuff for her Friday night.  He posed for a nice picture, but unfortunately we didn't think to check it before he left... Stacey would have had another chance at a hug at the very least!
After Stacey and my other friend left, I just went to Wendy's for something to eat, then to Walgreen's - just to kill time - and who was shopping in the greeting card aisle? One Jonathan Groff! He bought a card and a Coke and then left. I was crossing the street behind him, and I could see that Karyn was waiting outside the Public already and Jonathan just walked up and gave her a big hug! The two of us hung outside for a bit... Olympia Dukakis came up, stopped for a second, and just smiled and said something like, "Again?" At that point we saw Randy racing down the street and running in the door!

I had Row L last night, but had asked the usher about moving down if there were any empty seats. I was reading the Playbill when someone needed to get past me, as I got up to move I looked up to stare into the face of Jack Wetherall! I could just muster a "Hello!" He was w/ two friends. About 3 minutes later the usher moved me down to Row D!

As great as the afternoon show was, the night was even better. It was the best audience so far! Craig Lucas was sitting in front of Karyn.

We waited for a while downstairs... but since Jack was there we were pretty sure Randy wouldn't sneak out. When he did come down he ran to Jack gave him a big bear hug and said, "I'm sooo sorry! I forgot you were coming!" They had a very lively conversation w/ Randy smiling, giggling, playing w/ an orange ribbon... sometimes standing w/ one hand on his hip or covering his mouth when he laughed at an inside joke. He was the most ADORABLE-EST thing I had ever seen! I sooo wanted to take a picture, but even though other people were there, no one was taking pictures. Finally I just hid behind Karyn and snapped some candids!

While Randy was talking w/ some other people who were waiting, we spoke to Jack for a few minutes before he left. He remembered meeting Karyn after his show last year. I said, "So, Randy couldn't even get you better seats?" He laughed and said, "Yeah, we waited too long and were lucky to get these. They're not easy to come by." He is officially a very nice man in my book! He had actually asked Randy about the orange ribbon, but unfortunately I didn't hear what Randy answered.
After Randy was finished w/ the others he came right over and gave Karyn a big hug. She had a drawing to give him and one to have signed. That's what you see him doing in the one picture. She was worried that he wouldn't know the movie the drawing was from, but I was pretty sure he is up on obscure movies!

He was still all smiley and happy. He posed w/ Karyn and then I got my chance. I got my first Randy hug and a big smile, too!!!!!! I said something about, "What am I going to do w/ my weekends now?"  .....that the show is over, that is. He laughed... Karyn talked about seeing him in August. I wish I would have specifically asked about another Red Bull Reading or another Joe's Pub show, but I didn't think of it.

Karyn and I turned to leave but we stopped to catch our breath and look at the pictures we had taken.  Jonathan - who had come down earlier and said to Karyn, "Oh, I see you're here to see your favorite."  - was still inside talking to anyone and everyone... So we decided to go back in... Karyn got Jonathan to sign her Playbill. We said hello to Louis Calcemi (Jules ) as he went by. We went back outside and ran into Craig Lucas and the set designer, (don't know his name) and spoke to them a bit. Then we spoke to Deborah Offner and Karyn took a picture w/ her.

By this time Randy had reappeared. He was carrying his usual tote bag, but it was over stuffed. He even said something like, "I've got too much crap in here!"  So he was fumbling a lot. He also had an open bottle of wine and a very large rubbermaid container... ( I wonder if they all made something and brought it to the cast party....  I mean, I know  we're talking about Randy here, but that container was too big even for his lunch! LOL!)  Finally he just put everything down and stuck a very silly pose w/ Karyn and the drawing!

He left w/ witchy-poo girl who played Beth... (But even she signed some stuff last night and was fairly sociable) and some tall guy who had been downstairs and seemed to know everyone.

We didn't leave until after 11! It was really an amazing night. Once again, I think we got to see the "Real Randy" - the one he shows to his friends.  My only regret was not asking for Randy and Jack to pose for a picture together. But they were having such a great conversation I didn't want to interrupt...

Oh, how can I ever wait until August to see our Randy again???

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