"Snow storm"

Sunday, March 11th 2012

By: Trish
Source: toto_too514
Edited by: Marcy

OK, so why is it that I can so easily remember so many details from long complicated shows like Habit of Art and RED after just one viewing, but I am having so much trouble recalling this short 20 minute play?

I’ll tell you why…

Because Randy Harrison spent a good portion of those 20 minutes with his hand down his pants, that’s why!

It really was quite distracting! So you’ll forgive me if this isn’t up to my usual standards! ;p

OK, so the “snow” in Snow Storm is actually cocaine. There is a table center stage piled high with three mounds of cocaine, rolled money and credit cards and a few beer cans. Randy and his two female costars enter in the dark and when the lights go up we see the three of them standing there in nothing but their underwear! Well they also have on scarves, hats and mittens… and as they stand there and shiver and shake they begin to remove the scarves and hats throwing them in the audience accompanied by some very orgasmic moans and groans. (I happen to think Randy was very good at the orgasmic groaning part!)

All three then turn their backs to the audience and the girls get down on their knees in front of Randy, who at this point is wearing only a bright white V-neck tee, a pair of white boxer briefs and black socks. The girls begin to… well, suck - in that positive, life-affirming way. Randy has his head back but keeps looking down mumbling, something like, “C’mon, c’moooon. Just a little more…” After a few minutes the girls pull away. Apparently Randy is having trouble getting it up… but “No! NO! It’s never happened before!” he exclaims, but hence the need to constantly have his hand in his pants for most of the show, as he tries desperately to solve the little problem.

Apparently, this little threesome was arranged by Randy’s girlfriend… and the two girls get tired of waiting while Randy works on his problem, so they want to just forget it. “But it’s my birthday present! You can’t take back a birthday present. Just give me a little time.” So his hand goes back in the pants as he walks and paces the stage mumbling and looking at the ceiling as he moves. At one point he pulls out the waistband of his briefs and looks down with this expression of, “What are you doing to me?”

The girls decide that perhaps a toy like a vibrator might help… “But it’s pink!” Randy exclaims! The girlfriend gets distracted by the cocaine on the table muttering something about “drug dick,” and she didn’t really think it was a real thing. Meanwhile the other girl is doing some very suggestive things with that pink vibrator while looking at Randy who looks back and once again anxiously tries to work himself up. He at some point loses his black socks and is now barefoot.

He also confesses to the other girl that he really, really liked her in High School and that he used to “Jerk-off thinking about you at least 3 or 4 times a week.” “But then I stopped because I really liked you and I didn’t want to taint the memory.”

Now like I said… Randy in his underwear was all very distracting, so I’m not sure if I even have all the scenes in the right order or the quotes right either! I do remember early on, the girls decide that some music might help things along and they play a song on an iPod… I THINK the song was, “How Deep is Your Love,” but I couldn’t be sure about that at all, because I listened to the radio in the car on the way home and I could just be remembering one of those songs, LOL! I don’t even know if these characters had actual names and there was nothing listed in the program, so it’s just “Randy,” and two girls.

I also remember some random scenes, but not sure where they fit. (Anyone else out there see the show?) In one of these Randy was standing behind the taller girl and she was leaning back into him and using his arms to point at the other girl… the expression on Randy’s face was priceless! Also remembering something about Randy calling someone a fvcktard but I have no idea why. They would also periodically go back to the table to snort some more coke.

There was also one scene where one of the girls... can't remember which, points at his dick and starts yelling at it, "It's useless, and small and it's not good for anything!" Randy is of course highly insulted and tells her not to be so mean! But just watching Randy pace the stage, constantly digging into his briefs while looking so exasperated, was just hysterical!

The piece ended with the girlfriend leaving and Randy and the other girl climbing on the table. They begin to make-out amidst the cocaine – which I am guessing was flour – beer cans, which spilled and the pink vibrator.

Truthfully, I was worried about that table… the one in the rehearsal pic looked much sturdier! She begins to tell him that SHE had wanted to go the Prom with HIM but got stuck going with someone else… and apparently wasn’t too happy about it because in the middle of the make-out session she stops to bite his ear! She walks off leaving Randy moaning on the table… and NOT so “orgasmic-ly” this time!

He was actually walking off stage when the house lights came up prematurely and startled him a bit… he just grinned and sheepishly looked at his arms and legs that were covered in beer and flour and fake blood!

What a fun night and what I wouldn’t give to be able to see this little show again!


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