Monday, September 20th 2010

By: toto_too514
Edited by: Marcy

I made a last minute decision to attend the Red Bull Benefit to open their 2010-2011 Revelations Reading Season. Randy was scheduled to be one of the guests at the cocktail party after the show.

The performance was a reading of Somerset Maugham’s Our Betters. Set in England in the 1920’s the story revolves around two sisters from America. One set on living life to the fullest, the other seeking true love.  It was really well done, something a bit different than the usual classics presented by Red Bull.

Randy was present in the audience and he seemed to be enjoying himself. Ever the gentleman, he gave up his seat to allow friends to sit together, and he moved to an empty seat further down the row.

He looked great in dark blue jeans w/ a small cuff at the bottom, black boots, wide natural leather belt and a light weight knit V-neck sweater. It had a brown diamond pattern on a beige background on the body w/ solid brown sleeves. It may not sound nice from my description, but I thought it looked really nice!

Unfortunately, that’s all the Randy news I have… the Reading was VERY long, so I was only able to stay at the party for about 20 minutes or so, or I would miss my bus home. Randy hadn’t made an appearance by the time I left, but there were several cast members, who also hadn’t made it downstairs yet either. I did have the chance to speak w/ Jesse Berger, the Artistic Director, and a few cast members though, and then grabbed a bite or two of sushi before making a mad dash for the bus.

There was a professional photographer there so I am hoping that if Randy did make it to the party; we might get some pictures soon. There were some great ones from last year’s Duchess of Malfi party, so we might get lucky again!  

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Written by Trish - Edited by Marcy

"Our betters" by Trish
Red Bull theatre -September 2010