November, 17th 2010
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Another outstanding performance at Our Hit Parade! This time Randy and partner played the nerds who fall in love at a book group. Dressed in high-waist tan pants, a blue plaid shirt, red windbreaker type jacket, large wireframe glasses and that messy perm! They first talked about their favorite Jeffrey Dahmer stories… you can hear some of Randy’s in the video.

There seemed to be some technical difficulties with the sound tonight. Randy was crawling around the stage trying to get his guitar hooked up and eventually resulted in some nasty feedback. You can see him bend down to adjust the sound during the song. After the show he came back out to retrieve his keyboard and once again try to untangle the wires that were giving everyone problems.

He did come out for the encore at the end, but of course was so well hidden in the back.

Saw him for a few minutes after the show… he had changed into dark cuffed jeans, a long cardigan sweater the ever-present scarf around his neck and his guitar slung on his back.  I didn’t think to ask him anything useful, like new projects or the new tAB website. He had friends waiting, so I didn’t keep him long… but he seemed very relaxed and happy!

Don’t know why, but the video is nice and clear, but the pics are underexposed and blurry… annoying!

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Randy at the Joe's Pub...