December, 15th 2010
By: toto_too514
Edited by: Marcy

OK, so can anyone explain to me how a man, who just yesterday wanted to crawl under his chair while listening to accolades written about him… and who tried to hide from answering questions, could today, get up in front of another crowd and describe his first sexual encounter, at the age of 13, w/ a 16 year old girl?????

Yet, that’s exactly what happened tonight as Randy took the stage at Joe’s Pub! For the first time in all of his appearances at Joe’s, he was not in costume. He was simply dressed in Randy attire: black T-shirt, brown cardigan, jeans and the same black adidas high tops. He also performed alone for the first time. He sang OMG by complete w/ sound effects. I would have to say it was one of my favorites of all his OHP shows.

Unfortunately, we were seated far from the stage, so the quality of the video is not great. I am sure we will get better video when the official Joe’s Pub releases its video, but I recorded his introduction as well, which last time wasn’t on the official vid.

He did come out for the finale, but like always remained in the back… although from my spot I was able to peek through the crowd and get some more video.

I did manage to speak to Randy very briefly before the show. He was spending tie w/ friends in a reserved area of the Pub. When he walked by us to head back stage he stopped at the table to say “HI.” I was able to give him his annual Christmas card and tAB donation. He apologized for leaving so early yesterday, but said he had tickets to a showing of the new Oscar-buzz movie, “Black Swan.” Randy’s review?

He hated it!

I did wait after the show for a bit, but he didn’t appear and it was just too cold to wait any longer! Hopefully, we’ll have a new Randy appearance to look forward to very soon! I’ve gotten very spoiled!

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Randy at the Joe's Pub...