June, 24th 2009
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First off, I just have to say that Our Hit Parade is completely entertaining show - with or without Randy. (But if course it's 1,000X better WITH him!)

I also have to mention up front that Randy is still amazing me with his wonderful voice!

Randy sang a duet with Bridget Everett... one of the Hit Parade regulars. She is an immensely talented and funny entertainer. She appeared on stage wrapped in a towel w/ a bathing suit underneath. She was supposed to be at a water park or something... and as she often does, she left the stage and walked through the audience while singing. This is when Randy came on stage - unannounced! He was dressed as what could best be described at a "surfer dude" lifeguard! His hair was cut in a sort of long "Page Boy" style and was VERY blonde!

He wore a red visor on backwards and upside down. He was barefoot and had on very short and very tight red shorts, a tight white T-Shirt, a whistle around his neck and sunscreen on his nose! He was on stage by himself for a good deal of the set, as Bridget was still in the audience.

This act was much more energetic than his Altar Boy set w/ James Barry. He was moving around the stage a lot. down on his knees singing at times. Eventually he also left the sage to join Bridget in the audience where he proceeded to jump into her arms, wrapping his legs around her waist and doing a back-bend to the floor! At this point hey were actually standing right behind me and my friend... Bridget turned around, put her Microphone on our table and scooped some ice cream from my friend's dish... dropping most of it on me! What she did with the rest of it I don't know. I had trouble seeing Randy at this point as Bridgett was blocking my view. They ended the set with Bridget carrying Randy out the door!

There were several times where you could see Randy struggling just to keep a straight face. It's possible that some of the stuff Bridget was doing in the audience was ad-libbed and this is when Randy had the most trouble keeping his composure!

Randy did come out for the finale, but he was late getting on stage and hid behind another person the entire time. He had changed into his street clothes. Now I love our little Randy to pieces, but... some of his outfits! Yeesh! Today's "stunning ensemble" included and black and white striped knit hat, a large rather dingy looking white T-Shirt, cut-off jean shorts, black sox with red stripes and the ever present muti-colored checked Vans. (Which should really be tossed out now, if you ask me!) Oh, and of course a Tote Bag!

We waited for Randy after the show... and he was pretty fast coming out, but since the weather was nice, there was a rather large crowd loitering about. We had seen Marci in line earlier in the evening and said "Hi!' to her and she was waiting outside also. When Randy came out he went to talk to Marci and the people in her group, but they didn't leave together.

Now at this point I had a bit of senior moment. My friend kept saying to me, "I think that's Michele Clunie" over and over again... but I was looking at a tall Strawberry blonde girl who looked an awful lot like one of the girls singing Karaoke w/ Randy at Joe's last year, so my mind interpreted "Clunie" as "Clooney" like George Clooney... so this was all going over my head at this point!

He spoke to some fans for a few minutes - and then walked toward where my friend and I were standing, with "Michele Clooney," and he greeted us by saying , "Thank you guys so much for coming, I really appreciate it." We mumbled something about enjoying the show, and he said something like, "I'm sorry I've got to find my friend who ditched me." I said, "Awww, who would ditch you?" But he was busy checking his phone for messages and didn't really respond to that. I then asked him about the new short film about Julius Caesar that (tAB) is filming. At ths point he paused, looked at me like I had six heads or something and said, "We aren't shooting a new short... we have an old short and are working on an old feature film." (Ok, so I have no clue what that was all about!). Anyway, he turns to leave and says to us, "Thanks again for coming." and he walks off down the street.

Now my friend is looking me in the eyes, practically screaming at me "I think that was Michele Clooney, I think that was MIchele Clooney. She sorta smiled at me." Well, the woman he left with was a very petite brunette... so at this point it finally clicks : "Clunie" NOT "Clooney" Was it really her? I have absolutely no idea!

But it was another wonderful evening spent with friends and, of course Randy! I hope to have many, many more!

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Randy at the Joe's Pub... again!