Hello everyone,

"New York Is Dead" the webseries Randy will be directing, starring Matt Wilkas and Jenn Harris, was successfully funded!!

Click on the image below to see the "thank you" video they posted:

Posted by Ale

Hi guys!
A few hours ago the Skivvies tweeted: "Pssst...We just added a bunch of new shows!" with a link to Joe's Pub official Facebook page... They will perform on August 1st at the Joe's Pub and Randy will be joining them for the show! Can't wait to see what he will come up with this time!!!

Posted by Felicity

Hello everyone and have a wonderful sunday!

We made some screencaps of the Kickstarter's video "New York Is Dead!"
So, we'd like to remind you to donate HERE, for the Randy's new project! Thank you!

Posted by Marcy

Hello everyone!

Randy just tweeted about his new project! He will be directing the webseries "New York Is Dead" starring Matt Wilkas and Jenn Harris. They need your help so if you're interest please consider donating HERE. Thank you!

"I'm directing this truly hilarious project by the brilliant @MattWilkas @realjennharris and we'd love your help."

We added the video on our youtube channel .... HERE!

Posted by Marcy

Hello everyone,

we added to our gallery a picture taken a few days ago and shared on Instagram by le.nom, who was so lucky to meet Randy on a train!!

Posted by Ale
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