Here we are like every year!

We want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a New Year full of wonderful surprises! Let’s leave 2013 behind our backs and let’s start a better year for everyone!

We hope everything you wish for may come true and that you may always be happy with your choices in life.

Happy Holidays to Randy and all of his family… May he have a wonderful Christmas and a New Year full of equally wonderful surprises!

Happy Holidays to the members of our staff who are always able to sail through the adversities and give their best! It’s not easy to work on everything but… somehow together we manage! People come and go… just like passions do… but our door is always open for people who would like to join our team!

Happy Holidays to the people who have been following our site for ages... and to the newcomers...

Basically, Happy Holidays to each and every one of you... wherever you are: MERRY CHRISTMAS! And thank you for sticking with us!

Posted by Staff

Hello everyone,

many thanks to our wonderful Trish for giving us the permission to share her report about "Poz" the reading!!
Click HERE to read it.

Posted by Marcy

Hello everyone!

Our beautiful Christmas-themed homepage is now online! Thank you so very much to our beloved Simo for her gorgeous work!

(Thank you Francesca!! Hug you very tight!)

Posted by Staff

Hello everyone,
we have a new picture of Randy, it was posted on Instagram by Louis!

Thanks to Klaudia62!

Posted by Ale

Hello everyone,
we have some new pictures of Randy taken yesterday during the reading of "POZ" at the Playroom Theater! Many many thanks to Trish for giving us the permission to share them!!

Click on the image below to see the album:

Thank you to Kimberly, Klaudia62 and Lucia!

Posted by Ale
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