We have a picture of Randy with his former "Tommy" castmates. It was taken in the Berkshires yesterday and it was tweeted with the message:

"TOMMY reunion with my loves!"

Source: Twitter.

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On June 18th, Randy attended "A Night Of A Thousand Judys" at Playwrights Horizons, New York City.
The "Ali Forney Center" is the largest and most comprehensive organization dedicated to homeless LGBT youth.

We have three pics:

(The source of this pic is kinwad. Many many thanks!)

Source: Aliforneycenter.org

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A new picture of Randy!!

It was posted on twitter by Hal Sparks who also wrote: "Behind the Scenes at the #riseandshine con in Germany... Randy Harrison talking with an übervolunteer named Ana (who did an awesome job wrangling us all)"

Source: twitter

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We have a new picture of Randy with Scott Lowell, Michelle Clunie and Robert Gant taken on June 13th in Berlin:

The pic was posted on twitter by Robert Gant who also wrote "Last night in Berlin eating Korean as Germany wins w/ Randy, @scolo @mischaclu. On to Prague now solo. I'll miss them!"

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Another small interview with Randy! This time he talked about homophobia:

A different kind of Fan-Convention. Seven years after the show stopped, the Queer as Folk cast came to visit the "Rise'n Shine" Convention in Cologne. It was very a very important event for Cologne's mayor Elfi Scho-Antwerpes, because it was not only about getting in touch with fans, it was also about serious issues. Homophobia and mobbing had been the main aspects of the event.

Those issues had already been a subject of discussion at "Queer As Folk". Of of the characters, Justin Taylor (Randy Harrison, 34), got bashed by one of his classmates. That kind of experience isn't new for Randy, who's gay in real life. "A few years ago someone attacked me," the actor told Promiflash. Randy already had to deal with homophobic attacks when he was younger: "I grew up in Georgia, so I had to listen to a lot of hate preachers."

The reasons for homophobia are versatile, as the actor thinks: "Especially in the USA we have this culture of hate. There are different things: Misinterpreting the Christendom or interpreting it in a way I can not agree with - that's a key element of homophobia in the United States. And the fear of things you don't know."

Thanks very much to soulmatejunkee for the English translation!

Source: promiflash.de

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We have the English translation an interview to Randy published on the German website "promiflash.de":

"Queer as Folk visits Cologne. For the „rise'n shine“-Convention during the last weekend 9 actors from the show met at the City. Promiflash talked to the beautiful leading star Randy Harrison (34) alias Justin Taylor about some risque details from screening.

For five years there were a lot of sex scenes - mostly between men. "It wasn't really funny, it was weird. It was a bizarre experience. It's such an intimate thing to do, but it's a total fake. On the other hand you feel honored, so it's really really weird," the lovely actor told us. Nevertheless he took the sex scenes as a challenge: "It is a little embarrassing to play sex. But at the beginning it was an important thing to do for me, because something like this had never been on the US-TV before and I thought it should be on TV." But after a while he didn't like it that much anymore: "In the beginning it was important for the show, but later it was like... we had done that already, it happened so often and it became really frustrating."

Randy, who's gay in real life, mostly worked together with his very attractive Co-Star Gale Harold (42). Had they a fling in real life, too? "No, he's like my brother. He's a crazy, weird, wonderful man. I love him very much, but not this way."

Thanks very much to soulmatejunkee for the English translation!

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Hello everyone!
As you probably already know, Randy took part of the QAF "RisenShine" Convention in Cologne from June 8th to 10th.
There are a lot of pictures and reports of the event and we are constantly updating our QAF website!

We'll try to add the pics to this album too, but our suggestion is to keep following also our QAF website to be sure to get all the updates!

A very big THANKS to all the people who are sending us their pictures and reports!! smile

Variuos sources: We added all the credits on the QAF website (especially myfanbase.de).

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Brief mention of Randy in an article about the movie "Gayby"

Jonathan Lisecki: "Randy was in the original reading of the screenplay. I would have loved to have him have a larger part, but he was doing a play in DC at the time and could only come down for one day. He appears in an additional musical sequence that you’ll be able to see on the DVD."

Source: Edgeonthenet.com

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We have the English translation of the interview to Randy published on the German magazine "Männer":

Since QAF ended you only worked on theater. Is there a reason for?
R.H.: “Because I prefer it. (laughing) And also because the ending of QAF wasn't that good for me in case of my TV experiences. I got a lot of similar offers for other TV shows and movies, while the offers from theater were more different and versatile. And so it was an easy decision. I wanted to develop as an actor and I think that’s easier while working on stage. With every rehearsal and every new co star I learn something new.”

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Randy is in this month's cover of the German magazine "Männer":

Source: Maenner.de

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