We have a new picture of Randy taken during his flight to Germany on May 27th:

It was posted by vyolawho who also wrote:
"bloody hell…my best friend (which is steward for Lufthansa) met Randy Harrison this mornin on his flight from New York to Frankfurt Germany. I´m sooooo jealous…"

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Hello everyone!

Randy attended the latest Judy Darling event, the boat party Judy Salis Away, on May 19th!

Randy doesn't appear in any of the picture, because he was the photographer of the event. Click HERE to see the photo he took.

Source: facebook

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Randy has signed with the Soffer/Namoff Entertainment: a new talent management and production company based in New York.

The company has both a feature film and Broadway production in development for the 2013-2014 season, to be officially announced at a later date.

We hope they'll help Randy to find always new and interesting role to play! smile

Source: broadwayworld.com

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We have two new pics of Randy at the reading "8"!

Click on each picture to see the bigger version:

Thanks to Trish (Toto) for the second picture!

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After the reading "8", on stage yesterday at The Wilma Theater in Philadelphia, there was a Q&A session with same of the actors, among which Randy!

The video below is owned by rapidreadr73:

Thanks to Trish (Toto) for this news!

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We have a report and same pics of the reading "8", on stage yesterday in Philadephia!

Click HERE to read the report and on the pic below to see the entire album:

Many many thanks to our dear Trish(Toto) for letting us post her report and her pics!

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We have a very long report and same pics of "Red" taken on March 21st.
We want to thank Annievvv, Rnewfans2011, Jessica and Tracy for sharing it!
Click HERE and HERE to read it.

We try our best to give credits to anyone who own reports, pics ect, but there is always the chance to miss something..so if there was any problem about what we put in the website, you just have to email us and we'll correct it!

Source: IMDB

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News about "Gayby", the movie written and directed by Jonathan Lisecki, starring Jenn Harris and Matthew Wilkas and featuring also Randy Harrison:

there will be screenings at the Maryland Film Festival on May 5th and May 6th, and the movie will be at the LA Film Festval in the Summer Showcase section!

Thanks to Katia and Lory!

Source: md-filmfest.com and lafilmfest.com

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