We have two reviews about "Red"!

The first one is from the website nytimes.com and the second one is from gilsbroadwayblog.

Thanks to Katia e Lory!!

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This is the vid (in HQ version) of the John Bathke Interview that aired on New Jersey cable stations last week! Thank you Trish! (Toto!)

Source: johnbathke.wordpress.com.

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Hello everyone! Two other reviews about "Red" are now on line. The new play Randy is on stage with is very successful and well reviewed!
Click HERE and HERE!

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Another report in now on line!!
It was kindly given to us by our Trish (Toto!). She went to see Randy in "Red" on Feb 5th. Click HERE to read it.

A new update soon!

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Thanks to our dear Kinwad, it's now on line (and you can download it!!) the video interview that Randy did for the website news12.com. Click HERE.

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We have two reviews about "Red"!

The first one in from the website Theatermania.com and the second one is from njartsmaven.com.
Thanks to Katia e Lory!!

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We have a video trailer from "Red"!!

Source: HERE. Thank you Gloria!

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Hello everyone! Let’s talk again about “Red”, the play Randy is on stage with right now at the George Street Playhouse in NY, and that will be in Ohio from March 16th to April 8th. 2012.

First off, here’s the Playbill with a little summary of the play: "Lit from within and fueled by the passion of their creator, Mark Rothko's Seagrams Murals are powerful paintings of crimson, maroon and black that were intended to hang in a building designed by architectural titans," according to George Street notes. "But when a new assistant enters his studio, Rothko finds himself reconsidering the future of his works as he is confronted by the rise of the next generation."

Next we have an interview that Randy gave to John Bathke. Soon Bathke will also post the video interview with Randy. Here’s a little snippet from it for now: “Harrison said to me about his character Ken, “I loved how much he grows, how much the character transforms in the course of the 90 minute play…And I definitely think as a young artist, although I’m not that young anymore, I feel like I’ve gone through very similar experiences in different relationships that I’ve had with different acting teachers and different directors.”

“Red” is a battle of artistic wills as the younger artist comes into his own, while enduring browbeating and tirades by Rothko. It’s tense, non stop drama as Harrison points out about the two-character play.

“It’s starting to feel like going into a boxing ring…there’s no time for breathing, no time to get off stage.”

Fianlly, here’s a snippet taken from the first review of the play :

“Sharing space with a character as controlling as this Rothko, Randy Harrison’s Ken often finds himself scrambling for a voice of any consequence, a search which RED makes a centerpiece. Mr. Harrison takes Ken from meek and tentative to vocal and self-assured in a maturation that we recognize as guided at all times by Rothko. Mr. Harrison thus admirably rises to the challenge of showing us a Ken who is so very certain of coming into his own, while never actually reaching intellectual independence. The pace of the play (two years covered in a brisk ninety minutes) forces an unfortunate abruptness to Ken’s development, but Mr. Harrison does well to underscore the various stages of Ken’s uncertainty, frustration, and budding confidence.”

Thank you to Gloria, Katia and Lory!

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Randy has just released an interview to nj.com!!

Talking about playing characters who are visual artists he said:

"And yet, there’s something funny about my playing a visual artist. I have no talent in that area at all. Zero. None. I can’t even draw a straight line. My talent in this area is limited to appreciation and support.”

Click HERE to read the full interview!

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From March 16th to April 8th Randy will play "Red" in Cleveland on the stage of The Cleveland Playhouse!

Source:: Clevelandplayhouse.

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We have same pictures of Randy taken on stage during the play "Red"!

Here the others: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5].

Source: HERE.

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