Both Randy and Jenn Powers have been nominated in the category of Best Actor/Actress in a Musical (Medium Theater) for their roles in Tommy! Randy is right now in the middle of the pack with 7% of the vote with only two days left!
You can vote Randy, HERE!!! Thank you my sweet Trish!

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Hi everyone! Here we are like every year to wish you all Happy Holidays!
Here we go:

We want to wish you all a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones and a truly happy New Year!

We hope everything you wish for may come true and that you may always be happy with your choices in life.

Happy Holidays to Randy, to his family and to his friends. May he work always in his chosen field with project as awesome as, for example, Tommy. We would love to hear him sing on stage again!

Happy Holidays to our staff at "I would hate being famous" which gets bigger every day... thank you to everyone who offered their help and became a part of our wonderful group.

Happy Holidays to the people who have been following our site for ages... and to the newcomers... Happy Holidays to the ones who hate us and leave nasty comments to us.

Basically, Happy Holidays to each and every one of you... wherever you are: MERRY CHRISTMAS! And thank you for sticking with us!

The bigger version is HERE

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More about "Julius Caesar”!

A few pictures are available on the official page on IMDB

And here's the poster!

Bigger version is HERE.

Source: Cinema Five Films.

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Hello everyone!

Here's the trailer for “Julius Caesar” now with audio!

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Thank you to Trish (Toto) for sharing her report of "Travesties of Shakespeare". The reading was yesterday, December 5th, at Red Bull Theater in New York!

Click HERE to read it!

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Hello everyone!

We have a few pictures of Randy taken at the Cornelia Street Cafè in New York on April 29th 2010 during the reading “Notes on a Scandal”.

Thank you to the photographer Michael Hart, he owns all the credits: Hartharthart.com

Click HERE to see all the pictures.

Posted by Ale
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