This past Saturday, July 23rd Randy Harrison and the entire cast and crew of Broadway's Chicago attended SILENCE! The Musical, Off-Broadway's newest smash hit, at Theatre 80. You can read the article HERE . And here some wonderful pictures:

The bigger version is HERE.
Here the others: [1] [2] [3].

Thank you Trish (Toto!), you’re amazing!!

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Hello! We have part two of the interview that Randy gave to Larry Murray. Read it HERE. Thank you Chicca!

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Hello! We have the part one of a new interview posted by Larry Murray on the website berkshireonstage.com. You can read it HERE. Thank you Trish (Toto)!

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Here I am! I added in its section the new interview Randy gave to Charles Giuliano and that was posted on the berkshirefinearts.com, july 14th 2011. To read it again click HERE . (THANK YOU Gloria!)

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Hello everyone and happy Saturday! Charles Giuliano posted an interview with Randy on the website berkshirefinearts.com. You can read this wonderful interview HERE.

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We have two more reviews about the Who’s “Tommy” in general, and Randy in particular. You can read them here:


"There are no bad performances and everyone’s voice adds to the great sounds of the score. However, a problem with the work is that most of the characters are mere sketches and have no substance. This makes it difficult for performers to work anywhere but on the surface. This places the entire burden of developing empathy for Tommy on Harrison and he saves the show.
Harrison has matured into an excellent actor. Over the years he’s honed his craft with drama at BTF and now shows a strong, mature singing voice. He’s always had a compelling stage presence, but in the role of Tommy he demonstrates an ability to own the stage without neglecting the character. It’s great work."


"Now, Eric Hill is at the helm and the show has been re-envisioned to fit the grandeur of the elegantly restored Colonial Theater. It stars two actors whose careers have flourished at BTF, Randy Harrison and James Barry. Harrison who was a riveting Alan Strang in Equs and Lucky in Waiting for Godot is an ideal choice to blow audiences asway as the grown Tommy."

Thank you, Katia and Lory!

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Hello everyone! Another update today, too! The Who’s “Tommy” is doing really, really well! All the reviews are raving… especially about Randy!

berkshiretheatre.org posted new pictures:

The bigger version is HERE.
Here the others: [1] [2] [3] [4].

•Read more •

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Scott Lowell went to see Randy perform in Tommy at the Colonial Theatre. This is what he said about it on his Facebook page:

'I had an amazing night at the Berkshire Theatre Festival last night! Beginning to hate my ol' pal Randy Harrison for being SO talented. He sang the HELL out of "Tommy!" The whole cast was great but Randy, James Barry & Jenny Powers brought such searing emotions to their roles it actually moved me as never before. How will I get all those damned songs out of my head?'

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Hello everyone! Many articles and reviews have been posted about Tommy. The musical that's taking place at the Colonial Theatre is having a great success and I'm so very happy for Randy. I'm just sorry to know that, this year just like the past one, it appears that he's been "mobbed" by some fans. But I won't comment further on the matter...

You can read theatermania.com's review HERE berkshireonstage.com's written by Larry Murray, HERE ... and other reviews, HERE, HERE and HERE.

A few quotes:
Harrison has a particularly large leap to make, spending the first half isolated as the narrator and then appearing as a deaf, blind mute.
"I can't look for textural clues," he says. "I have to listen to the music for the answers. I think the strongest thing for me has been letting the music come into me, thinking of myself as an expression of the music."
"I think a huge character for me is going to be the audience. The audience is going to play an enormous part for me as far as the people I'm trying to get a response from and talk to.
"But," he continues with a soft laugh, "I'm really excited to talk to another actor onstage soon."

Thank you Katia and Lory!

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Hello everyone and have a nice week! We have an article written by the great Charles Giuliano. Click HERE to read it. Thank you Chicca.

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Hello everyone! Finally berkshiretheatre.org posted two wonderful pictures taken from the who's "Tommy" on July 7th 2011. Thank you Katia, Lory and Claudia!

The bigger version is HERE.
And HERE the other picture.

We know that there are more pictures, taken by fans.. but during the performance, when technically you are not allowed to take pictures... So we decided that we won't post them!

Thank you also to our wonderful Trish for sharing her report! Click HERE to read it!

And.. here some comments from twitter about the opening at the Colonial Theatre!

kimmyswimmy Randy Harrison was a great Tommy and of course James Barry was an awesome Mr. Walker.

@SusieQ_too His voice is so unexpected!

@QuinnAIT Figure of speech. We went to see him play Tommy in The Who's Tommy. He was awesome

@lovemelast Some sound issues still to be resolved, but Eric Hills production of Tommy rocks!! Randy Harrison=Tommy=match made in theater heaven!

Randy Harrison, super talented actor.

One of the performers says:

ChristopherGurrJust molested Tommy in front of our first audience. Ewwwwwwwww. (and yay)

@orosiefactor Rosie ¢¾ Terrificly fun time @ The Who's Tommy w/ @lovemelast @Artistsupporter and her gorgeous dates! Randy Harrison totally rocked it as "Tommy."

@lovemelast The Who's Tommy was fcuking amazing. Randy Harrison was wonderful as Tommy and the 2 younger actors who played Tommy were equally good.

Thank you! We so did NOT want to leave!

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We have the first picture about last night.. Randy started his play at the Colonial theatre...in the who's Tommy. Click HERE to see the backstage picture!

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I am here again with a tiny update! We have one more picture from Tommy's rehearsal...! Thank you Chicca!

The bigger version is HERE.

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Hi! So... here's a little update! We have an article written by the great Larry Murray... Sorry, I had missed it!!! Click HERE to read it

On July 1st, 2011 Randy released a radio interview to WAMC (we had posted a picture). Joe asks Randy and James Barry about their work at the Berkshire theatre festival in the Who's production of "Tommy". Click HERE to download it. (Source: WAMC ).
Here is a picture:

Bigger version HERE.

And one more picture from Tommy's rehearsal

Bigger version HERE.
Thank you, Trish (Toto) for everything!!!

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We have a sneak peak of the rehearsal for The Who's Tommy with Randy at The Colonial Theatre in Pittsfield! I'd like to remind you that it starts on thursday!
Thank you Ale!

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Happy 4th of July to all my American friends!

The Berkshire theatre posted some pictures taken on the set of The Who’s "Tommy". You can see them HERE .

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Sarah Duke, from "The Roundtable" (a WAMC Northeast Public Radio's talkshow), has posted on her personal blog a wonderful picture of Randy with James Barry. Click HERE to open the photo! Thank you, Katia and Lory!

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