Hi everybody! We have a short report from our dearest Trish (Toto). Yesterday she was at the Joe's Pub for Randy's performance!
Here you have the report and two videos! Go HERE and HERE. Thank you Trish! And thanks to Ilaria!

Joe’s pub March 30th 2011

Not really too much to report about tonight’s Our Hit Parade… Randy did the number nine song, and once again it reinforced my belief that I know nothing about current music! But rather than a skit, much like last time, it was just a boy and his song and a whole lot of high tech computer sound thingys! I am going to call the song “Optimism,” but I am sure there is someone out there who knows the correct song name and singer. I will say that Randy’s voice sounded particularly strong tonight.
Once again, in the finale Randy did his best to hide behind tall people in the back. I did manage to catch a few glimpses of him, so I have included that video too. On a side note, spotted in the crowd tonight was Michael Cyril Creighton of “Jack in a Box” fame.

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Hi everyone! Time really flies.. five years have passed in the blink of an eye! Despite all the difficulties and challenges in running this site... I'm still here.. and I want to thank, as I did last year, all the people who have been helping me... I assure you...It's very important to me. I adore Randy and his dedication more and more everyday... and I'd love to have the chance to see him act again...

Thanks to Randy I also had the chance to meet people to whom I feel very close now and that I hope to never lose.
A sincere thank you to all... and keep helping me.. it's not simple to run two sites! :P
A virtual hug to everyone!

The bigger version is HERE.
(Thank you Simo for the translation!)

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Randy and the rest of the SWAN cast will be doing another performance on April 22nd 2011. It will be one night only. This is the link to the theater where it is playing!
Thank you sweet Trish (Toto!)! And thanks to Katia and Lory!

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Hello everyone! A truly great news today: Randy is among the artists who kindly decided to take part to an online auction to help Japan.

The community is called 'Japan_calls' and their goal is to use the voice of celebrities to encourage people who are able to help Japan.

Top bidder will receive a personalized voice recording from their winning auction of at least 15 seconds. Or, if celebrity is willing, a YouTube video.
Scott Lowell, Peter Paige and Michell Clunie will also take part in the auction, along with Randy.

The community can be found on Livejournal, Facebook and Twitter.

On the LJ page you will be able to see the list of the artists while Facebook and Twitter are always updated with new names of people taking part.
Thank you Katia and Lory!

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Hello everyone and happy beginning of the week... I need to apologize because on the news posted on March 13th, 2010, I wrote there was a second report about "In the Raw".. To be fair, I made a few mistakes with the copy/paste. I'm sorry but lately I have very busy days and sometimes I do things quickly and get confused. Thank you to Carla for realizing my mistake and telling me about it... I apologize again.

(Thank you Chicca for your help!)

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Our Randy will be again at the Joe's Pub as a guest and performer!! This will happen on Wednesday March 30th at 9,30 p.m! Thank you so much to Katia and Lory for the news! The details about the event can be found HERE!

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Hi everyone!I'd like to thank the dearest Buzzie for sending me this beautiful pic of Randy!It was taken on saturday,March 12th 2011,day of the "Black Swan's"opening.Thank you so much,it was an amazing surprise!

The bigger version is HERE.

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Hi! I hope you have a great Sunday! I want to apologize for the delay in updating the site, but we are working really hard at the graphics for all three sites. So I ask you to have a little patience... We didn't run out of passion and devotion!

But let's go to the news... We have two new reports, and we posted them in the same page, as they're both about Randy's last work "Black Swan", screened at the World Premere Theatre.
Of course we must thank our precious Trish (Toto). To read the reports click HERE. Thank you Trish!

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Hello everyone! As I promised I put online the report that our Trish (Toto!) gave to us and it is about "In the Raw" at the Red Bull Theater! Click HERE to read it!

Posted by Ilaria
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